12 Promises

I spent over 12 years practicing immigration law exclusively for a popular immigration firm in downtown Indianapolis. While I helped immigrate thousands of people and made many friends along the way, I decided that that it was time to take my career in a different direction and provide the legal services I want to give my clients. I have learned that what clients want most is good customer service. I want to use my knowledge from handling a large volume of immigration cases to treat my clients like they are the only ones.

To fulfill this goal, I aim to follow what I call the “12 Promises” – law practice principles that I have realized during my 12 years of attorney work.

  • Meet with your attorney—the same attorney from beginning to end.
  • Offer several different forms of communication, so you can get the information you need: phone, text, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and a secure client portal.
  • Consistent information—if I don’t know the answer right way, I won’t give you inaccurate information and change it later.
  • Request all needed documentation once at the beginning, not weeks later.
  • Quick turnaround of form preparation and case filing.
  • Offer options to provide documentation—in person, by mail, DropBox, GoogleDrive, and a secure client portal
  • Clear fee terms—no hidden fees or charges for routine, additional work
  • Accept payment plans, credit cards, and online bill pay
  • Long-term planning—I won’t treat the first step of your process as an isolated event and will prepare you for the steps that could occur a year or two later
  • Regular updates—I don’t want you to not hear from me for months on end
  • Flexibility and mobility—I have resources to minimize the time we meet in person if important to you and options if you have time and travel restrictions.
  • Surveys! I want to hear your feedback


In essence, I want to get to know you, to help you, and to understand your needs – I don’t want you to be lost in a crowd.

Meet Laura