Payment Plan Options

Option 1 – Payment in Full
Pay your legal fees in full when you bring your documents in preparation of your case and receive waiver of the $50 expense charge. Any consultation fee paid will be applied to legal fees.
Option 2 – Step by Step
Each individual stage in your process is marked by 3-4 steps. First, your consultation; second, your document review appointment; third, your signature appointment; and for some, a fourth step, your interview preparation. Make even legal fee payments at your document review; your signature appointment; and if applicable, at your interview. Legal fees must be paid in full prior to completion of the case (at signatures, if no interview anticipated; at interview, if interview required). Please note that some cases, start to finish, may require several different filings with different legal fees per filing. This payment only applies to each type of filing. There is no percentage discount for this payment plan.
Option 3 – Check-Ins
Additional 5% charge on legal fees. Similar to above, the Check-In payment plan adds two more steps to the process to allow for you to make two additional payments. Prior to the document review appointment, we can have a quick over the phone or Skype appointment or email or text exchange to review your case progression and allow you to make a payment. Another check-in will occur prior to your signature appointment. If an interview is required, you can still make your last payment at the interview preparation. Legal fees are evenly divided throughout all these steps. For example, if you are filing I-130 family petition with an adjustment of status application, the total legal fees are $2100 (the additional 5% charge). On the Check-In plan, you will make 5 payments of $420 each. Your preparation and filing timeframe will probably take longer on this plan to spread out your payments.

**Please note these fee schedules do not apply to your USCIS or DOS filing fees. You can save on your own for these fees until required at your signature appointment.

Initial Intake
15-20 min
Over phone
See if you have a case SIL can handle

$100 Detailed In-Person Consultation
Sign Contract
Obtain List of Documents

Document Review
Attorney will collect required documents and questionnaires and answer questions.

Review and sign your documents for filing.

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