Access your USCIS Account

USCIS has entered the digital age and is providing some resources to smooth your immigration case monitoring. The USCIS MyAccount portal allow your to file some applications such as an application to renew your resident card (Form I-90) and the Immigrant Visa Fee after your immigrant visa is issued by the US Consulate or Embassy. You can also enter your receipt notices to monitor case status; check your case status; and update your mailing address. I use this system, when eligible, to help clients electronically file their N-400 Applications of Naturalization because it simplifies the application process, saves on mailing costs, and seems to speed the processing of your application.

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Check Case Status

Enter your USCIS receipt number (located on the upper right hand corner of your I-797 receipt notice) for case status. If you receive information that you question or concerns you, please contact me right away. I also monitor your case status, but if you do as well, you may receive information before I do.

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Obtain Information about your Visa Application Status

Most US Embassies and Consulates use one of the two internet service providers to manage visa processing. You need to register an account once your interview is scheduled if you are an immigrant applicant or in order to schedule an interview if you are a nonimmigrant applicant.You can obtain information about visa issuance and courier delivery of your passport with visa.Your particular country will use one of the two providers, so please make sure you are choosing the correct site.


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Check Case Processing Times

Locate your form type and the office processing your application (see the first 3 letters of your case number and/or location identified in your transfer notice). The processing times provided are estimates. We are unable to make an inquiry about your case unless your case is outside the time identified.

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Change your Address

Every alien with an application pending must update his or her address within 10 business days.Petitioners should also update the address in order to receive important notices about the petitions they have filed. Be sure to enter the receipt number of any applications or petitions that are still pending.

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Ask NVC Information about your Visa Application

You can contact NVC with questions about the status of your visa application and to change your address.

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Prepare for your Immigrant Visa Interview

You can review information to prepare in advance for your visa interview at your consulate or interview and find information to register for DHL or visa courier service. I will thoroughly prepare you for your interview and review this information with you. But you can obtain the information in advance if you have questions or afterwards if you misplace information.

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Visa Status

You can issue your NVC or DOS case number on this website to obtain updates on your visa application. This service does not provide specific details about case status while pending at theNVC. It is best to obtain status as to whether your visa has been issued.

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Visa Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country Guide

USCIS and the DOS require that your civil documents (birth, marriage, divorce, and police certificates) are the most appropriate versions from your country. Some countries provide documents that do not meet US government requirements, and you must request additional documents to make sure you comply. I will also help review this table to determine if your documents are correct.

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